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QOD = Question Of the Day

QOD was started by a group of friends, passing a list of questions back and forth to learn more about eachother and for a little humor.

To get on the QOD list, email me at

Please be patient, there are several wrinkles yet to iron out as this list gets to more and more people.

In the near future, I hope to post popular questions and the witty replies, so check back often!



The Questions: Start Here!
About Me:
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Judi Judi Judi: My best friend, Judi
Donna Falana Fee Fi Fo Fona Donna: My best friend Donna
Under 70: Things you should never say if you're under 70 years old
North Dakota Lingo: Learning to Speak "North Dakota"
Pabitcha: The woman we love to hate

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