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Judi Judi Judi

We all love Judi, she's our best friend. And what good are best friends unless you can pick on them? So here is the beginning of a list we "friends" have compiled solely to pick on our dear friend Judi.

Roon = That ink will "roon" my dress.

Oinch = A pumpkin is "oinch", an apple is red.

Tess-nit = Oh no...I just stepped on a rusty nail...I must go get a "tess-nit" shot right away!

Al or Ow = There is no difference in the pronnunciation of these two words according to Judi. If your name is Al and Judi is calling you, you'll just think she's hurt herself on a rusty nail again.

Ow-blum = Look at my photo "ow-blum".

Chorus = Your hair is so "chorus".

July 21, 2007: Judi apologized PROPHETICALLY and said it was just a FIGMENT OF HER SPEECH.

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