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The World According to DONNA

This page is dedicated to my dear friend, Donna. I had to make it because I made one for Judi, and well, I just had to be fair about things.

Donna lives in a world of her own (and we should adjust accordingly) So, here are the rules, in case you didn't already know....

First... see this thing?

It's useless in Donna's world. Forget it, don't even bother. We're all on Donna's time and it follows no pattern recognizable to man (especially men).

1. Do not call Donna between 5 and 6 p.m. because she will be eating.

2. At 6:30 she will be napping.

3. On Monday Wenesday and Thursday from 7 til 8 she will be working out so you can't call then either.

4. From 8 til 9 she will be using the facilities so don't call then!

5. That leaves you a window from 9 to 10 to call except on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Livestock in Donna-Land

In Donna's world only girl cows have udders meaning that boy cows don't (in the real world we refer to boy cows as bulls. If you need further clarification on real cows, check out this site:

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